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Free Mobile App Analytics
Windows 8 Store App Analytics
iOS App Anti-Piracy

Several paid iOS apps are pirated. Protect it with mtiks.

Mobile App Analytics

A comprehensive analytics platform for iOS (iPhone/iPad), WP7/WP8, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8/8.1 Store App and Mono app developers. Offers a real-time app analytics and additional services to support app developers. mtiks helps app developers to manage app events or attributes, errors or many others. Simple, easy to integrate.

Mobile App Anti-Piracy

iPhone/iPad, and Android app Piracy are one of the ongoing problems that an app publisher face. mtiks currently provide Free Anti Piracy solution for iOS. Put your apps on auto pilot and protect your investment.

Developer Focused Features

mtiks offers several other features which aid App Publishers to make their apps better. Simple Crash Reporting solution or Error reporting, and REST API allows the publisher to access his/her own data.

Analytics is available for all platforms and it's completely free. Anti-piracy feature is available only for Apple iOS apps. Try this out.

iOS App Analytics