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About Us

mtiks, a Boston based software company, focuses on mobile apps on major platforms which include Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry and Microsoft Windows Phone. Founders came from Mobile background and worked on several apps. During the early stages of Apple app ecosystem, Piracy emerged allowing apps to be downloaded from illegal sources for FREE where they are sold in AppStore for a nominal price. mtiks estimated a major revenue loss even though the intention of Jailbreaking was for a good reason. Google Android is also affected severely and several trends towards making money through Ads rather than AppStore or Marketplace revenue.

mtiks offered Anti-piracy solution in the early stages for iOS and piloted with Windows Phone 7/8. mtiks also worked towards making more app centric features for several platforms. Also, the evolution of multi-platform app publishing solutions offered several opportunities for mtiks Analytics to be developed on them. mtiks is continuing its efforts to develop new tools for evolving mobile app ecosystem.


Muthu Arumugam, Founder
Muthu has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience bringing successful consumer and enterprise products to market. Muthu was working on Mobile apps from the early stages of Windows Mobile apps and ran Abhav LLC as mobile app development company based in Boston. Muthu holds a MS in Computer Science from the Boston University.

Siva Subramanian, Co-Founder
Siva is a serial entrepreneur who ran a successful startup which offered Internet Marketing solution. Siva is also the Founder & President of Abhav LLC and worked on effective marketing strategies for its clients. Siva holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Madras University, India.